Tyrone Mowatt, an entrepreneur and education reform advocate, started his 30 plus year career developing econometric analytic models for Fortune 100 companies at Standard and Poor’s DRI . Later working for a subsidiary of JP Morgan Chase he went on to design, develop and introduce financial analysis and modeling technologies widely used by Wall Street portfolio managers. After shifting to the design of corporate training technologies, he was awarded a patent as inventor and manager of a globally recognized computer based training product line, SkillBuilder , used by US and European corporate IT departments tasked with re-skilling their workforce.

As entrepreneur, Tyrone launched a private/public social venture in the Caribbean, recruiting, training and employing more than 50 local community college graduates, developing digital online courses for software from Microsoft, Oracle and others. He went on to launch a biotech start-up co-located in Seattle and Moscow employing more than 75 scientists researching the genomics of aging. Since then, as business strategist, he advises companies such as Ticketmaster, Wallace Foundation, Quaker Oats, Coca Cola, Department of Defense and TJX working with their CMOs and senior executive teams.

In 2012, while working with Harvard team members from the Bill and Melinda Gates Measures of Effective Teaching Initiative, Tyrone led the development of the platform used to collect, analyze and report on public school student perceptions of classroom instruction. As the platform visionary and development manager, he led the team that analyzed more than 400,000 student surveys, analyzing and reporting results to more than 15,000 teachers in states across the US.

He is currently an advisor to district and school leaders taking on the challenges of turnaround, transformation and replication. He is currently focused on expanding educational opportunities for lower income public school students; launching initiatives for workforce development and training; and developing mentoring initiatives to lower the high school drop out rate. He has most recently launched an innovative program focused on math growth in New Orleans’ K – 8 schools and is bringing sophisticated data analysis and statistical techniques to the real world challenges of several schools in turnaround or transformation. The results of which have delivered growth upwards of 21% in math scores in less than 1 year.

Tyrone also served as Chair of the Gifted and Talented Advisory Education Council for the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and continues to be a member today  advocating for the Commonwealth’s advanced achievers and beyond grade level learners. Tyrone was also actively engaged in the transformation and turnaround of the Lowell Community Charter Public School (LCCPS), where he served as Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees, Chair of the Governance Committee, Chair of the Academic Achievement Committee and member of the Strategic Planning and Development Committees. LCCPS received commendation from the Massachusetts Commissioner of Education and has been recognized as a “profound turnaround” of a failing school within 3 years after nearly being shuttered for poor academic performance by the State.

Tyrone received his MBA from Columbia University and BS in Marketing and Computer Science from The City University of New York and has done post graduate work in Law at the Massachusetts School of Law and in Media and Communications at Emerson College in Boston. Before starting his college career he attended and graduated early from the Bronx High School of Science, an experience that inspires much of his work with gifted students of color. Mowatt is a first generation Jamaican American, native New Yorker and currently resides in Massachusetts.