Returning to Massachusetts this SUMMER!!!

The 2022 Biggest Winner Math Challenge

Culturally affirming, engaging, rigorous online learning community for middle school students with advanced ability or interest in mathematics.  Real world projects are designed to build math mastery, learn financial literacy, enhance social emotional competency, encourage self-expression  while working in small peer groups using the latest digital learning tools, applying math to real world life issues.

Who is this for?

  • ~2500 public school students
  • Rising 6th through rising 9th grade
  • Recruited from participating LEAs
  • For academically advanced math students
  • For the 2022 summer research pilot

What did students experience in 2020?

During the summer of 2020, students learned and played together online in cross grade level groups of no more than 15 students led by an instructor, generally a math teacher, and a paid high school intern, interested in becoming a future teacher, assisting in the virtual classrooms.  

2022 Biggest Winner Math Challenge

Designed by:

·  Educators from VERY diverse communities thriving in an inclusive collaborative hive of educational innovation

Project Contributors last Summer 2021

When does the Biggest Winner start?

  • Summer 2022 runs for 6 weeks in July and August
  • (15  students max per group)
  • Small cross grade level teams
  • Students meet online 3 days/wk
    • (M, T, W – assigned time)
  • Team meetings are 90 minutes
  • Community building events throughout
  • Enrollment begins in June!

Not camp or school 

A virtual summer math community

  • Culturally affirming engaging math program
  • Project based, enhancing specific math skills
  • Financial literacy for real life situations
  •  Explore real world projects in teams
    • Buying a car
    • Renting an apartment
    • Planning for college
  • Deeper learning of math concepts
    • Discussion then application
    • Real world situations
  • Training on self-paced ed tech
    • Learning how to learn
    • Using latest tools
  • Extensive use of digital content & media
    • Skills of tomorrow, taught today
  • SEL strategies embedded and modeled
    • Learn SEL from peer models
    • Explore and identify SEL strategies
  • Responsible digital literacy

Guided by Massachusetts Math Framework

Recruiting Math Instructors Too!

  • Instructors recruited nationally, trained locally
  • Assisted by trained high school interns
    • (recruited from Mass.)
  • Designed by a diverse and inclusive community of educators
  • Instructors collaborate and learn remote best practices
  • HS student intern get real work experience in virtual classrooms

Join our campaign and close
the “Excellence Gap”!

School leaders if you are interested in having your students participate in this innovative summer math program, at no charge to your school or families, email . 

If you are a great math teacher and are interested in  leading a few small teams of advanced students through a summer of project work on real world math then this may be for you.  You can teach from anywhere these days and if you have a good internet connection, a commitment to excellence in education for ALL students, a desire to learn and work with other motivated math teachers while working with some of the greatest students from Massachusetts then email a letter of interest and your resume and let’s start the conversation.

Join our Campaign and Spread the Excitement

The Biggest Winner Math Challenge was first piloted in 2013 in New Orleans..  In target grades in the pilot school, students that were struggling, math scores increased 22%.  In the second year, 2 schools piloted the Biggest Winner Campaign exposing children to self paced, personalized tools for learning math and a community-wide campaign to engage parents and students.  Both schools improved math outcomes.  The pilot school in its second year moved from a D rated school to a C rated school based solely on math outcomes year over year

Theme song recorded in 2014 at McDonough 32 in New Orleans during the 2nd year pilot.

if you are interested in being an instructor or summer high school intern or working on our project teams send an email with cover letter and resume to


3 days per week  in July and August. Compensation commensurate with experience, skill in teaching and desire to reach children an encourage them in advanced math.