Polaris Performing Arts

Polaris Performing Arts for Teens

Polaris Performing Arts for Teens, introduced by Ed Inquiry this year, is a distinctive arts program designed for students across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It caters to academically proficient students from grades 6 to 12, offering them an opportunity to delve into various aspects of the arts under the mentorship of experienced Theatre Professionals. This program stands out for its practical approach to learning, encompassing  acting techniques, exposure to arts professionals, exploration of behind the camera skills such as the design of sets and costumes.

Eligibility for the program is currently by invitation only. Our founding team  is an inclusive group that represents a wide range of grades, genders, nationalities, and regions. The program encourages teamwork and collaboration through rehearsals that take place over Zoom, accommodating after-school and weekend schedules to prepare for performances.

A key feature of this year’s launch is the creation of a short video series titled “After High School,” designed to explore the myriad paths available to students upon completing high school. This series aims to inform and inspire participants by highlighting various post-graduation opportunities, from higher education to vocational training and beyond.

Through the Ed Inquiry Polaris Performing Arts for Teens, students gain not only an understanding of arts production but also valuable insights into life after high school, all within a context that emphasizes individual expression and artistic exploration.

A little look behind the scenes at our latest event.