Cambridge, MA – Student Engagement Strategies & Personalized Learning

Shifting from traditional class instruction to blended and personalized learning is challenging for both teachers and students.  How do you create the culture and study habits for study when expanding teaching options?  Engaging students and training them on new technology tools that can close math skills gaps requires a program of growth that includes education technology and culture change.  Check out the launch of the Banneker Math Challenge which engaged students and resulted in more than 5000 hours of student centered online training across grades 1 – 6.

New Orleans, Student and Parental Engagement in Math Achievement

How do you engage an entire school community to prepare for the new rigorous Common Core math assessments? The data analysis was clear that the students of Eisenhower Academy had the capacity to do more. But how do you translate capacity to engagement and self motivated learning? Check out the launch of our Biggest Winner Math Challenge. Eisenhower Academy of Global Studies, New Orleans, LA

For more details on the program listen to teachers, parents and students share their excitement.