The 2024 Design Team For The Biggest Winner Math Challenge will be forming soon!

As  the Massachusetts 2023 Summer Biggest Winner Math Challenge ends its 2023 summer season, Ed Inquiry will begin assembling a very talented team of educators, education researchers, data analysts, coders and developers as well as  instructional designers, graphic artists and experienced project leaders.

All coming together with their broad range of cultural perspectives, expertise and lived experiences to ensure that a new and innovative model of project-based learning evolves offering more students the opportunity to experience innovations in student engagement, math instruction and the use of the new virtual space. The result?   A transformative learning experience  for advanced and motivated math students.

All participants (students, teen interns, national cohort of instructors) of the 2024 Biggest Winner Match Challenge will be working, learning and collaborating in a virtual environment as a part of an innovative new pilot program to inspire middle school students that love math while exposing high school students to the world of work and teaching.  

Biggest Winner Math Challenge and The Ed Inquiry Teen Leader Program are growing and making an impact on the lives of advanced public school students and teens across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and beyond.

If you want to be a contributor to this great project check out our careers page for open jobs descriptions as they go live.

The Team

Tyrone Mowat, MBA (Ed Inquiry) 

Principal Investigator/Managing Director

  • 30 years in industry as an innovator in various markets
  • Entrepreneur/Strategic Consultant to C Suite
  • Social Entrepreneur (creating earn while you learn opportunities for students globally) 
  • 15 years in public education with proven results in school turnaround
  • Former Chair:
    • Gifted/Talented Advisory Education Council,
    • Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education
  • Native New York City – Massachusetts Transplant – Global Traveler
  • Believes: Lasting positive change, that can impact children across the country, CAN occur when highly talented, like minded, mission driven, passionate people find a vision they can share and align with.
Virtually Everywhere
Tyrone Mowatt

Ruth Fuentes

EDI Project Manager

  • Teaching, training and designing new systems, processes and techniques for outreach
  • Creatively applying the new tools of outreach to create collaborative communities of educators
  • Pioneering the world of virtual work
  • Believes that students must have alternative pathways to reach their potential whether in business, education, music or art
Houston, Texas
Ruth Fuentes

Sashoy Bailey

EDI Curriculum Specialist

  • Life-long interest in STEM
  • High School Science Teacher
  • Instructional Coach
  • One of the few engineering majors of color in her college
  • Believes that advanced students deserve a place where they can get the challenges they need to succeed
Springfield, Massachusetts
Sashoy Bailey

Jim Faris

Creative Artist in Residence (2024) 

  • Web guru – Designer, Creator, Visionary
  • Visual spaces artist
  • 20 plus years of experience in art expression – for business and pleasure
  • Believes it’s all about unleashing creativity – in music, visual arts and story-telling.
Washington, D. C.
Jim Faris

Isha Hassan

 Head of the Class Teen Council – President

  • I was a student at BWMC in its pilot year
  • This will my 3rd year working as a teen leader
  • I am currently in 10th grade
  • I have a younger brother and younger sister (who’s a student in the program)
  • I am a HUGE Marvel fan
  • I am excited for this year of the program!
  • Believes: Don’t be discouraged by failure. The goal isn’t perfection but instead to learn and grow, which happens in the moments we say “I need help”
Isha Hassan

Eno Anoko

 Head of the Class Teen Council – Vice President

  • Physics is my favorite subject.
  • I am the oldest of four.
  • I love pineapple on pizza.
  • My favorite book that I’ve read for school is Things Fall Apart.
  • My favorite genre of music is R&B.
  • This will my 3rd year working as a Teen Leader
  • Believes: Compassion, courage, and creativity are crucial to creating a fun and welcoming community-creative, outside-of-the-box thinking should always be shared and welcomed with open arms, no matter how abstract or unique.
Eno Anoko