Research Support

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In 2018, the Massachusetts Legislature decided that the time had come to understand the state of education that gifted students receive in Massachusetts. They issued a mandate for the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to review the policy and practices of education in public schools for gifted students as well as for students capable of performing above grade level.

I had the pleasure of working with [Ed Inquiry] when I was hired by the Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education to research and write a report on gifted education in Massachusetts. [Ed Inquiry] became an important resource for me. …creative thinker[s] who suggested a line of quantitative analysis that led to some of the central findings of the report. …suggested that we analyze the academic trajectory of a cohort of students who scored at the top of the distribution in MCAS math.

 We found a steep and disproportionate drop off of academically advanced Black and Hispanic students between 3rd and 6th grade; similar gaps exist for low-income students. Our analysis documented the widening of the excellence gap in Massachusetts. I learned a lot from my conversations…, and I am grateful for  contributions to my research.

I want to acknowledge and thank ... Ed Inquiry who recommended that we pursue this analysis.
Dr. Dana Ansel
Research and Evaluation Consultant
"... able to discover patterns in student education data that others miss. ... capable of discovering students' strengths and weaknesses and provide feedback to educators to help the students thrive. ... work has also helped reveal inequities in the support systems for advanced African American math students in Massachusetts... "
Robert Lee
Chief Analyst Massachusetts Dept of Elementary and Secondary Education