Design Team For Biggest Winner Summer 2023

As Ed Inquiry designs  the Massachusetts 2023 Summer Biggest Winner Math Challenge  we are assembling a very talented team of educators, instructional designers, graphic artists, programmers, and experienced project leaders.

All coming together with their broad range of cultural perspectives, expertise and lived experiences.    These leaders, educators and contributors are coming together this year, to ensure that a transformative experience is created for children across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and beyond.

All participants of the Biggest Winner Match Challenge will be working, learning and collaborating in a virtual environment. You will find colleagues from across the country working daily together on the innovative educational program designed to engage, inspire and motivate students in grade 6 through 9 that love math.

The 2023 Biggest Winner Math Challenge Team is forming if you want to be apart of this check out our careers page or the jobs descriptions below. 

Tyrone Mowat, MBA (Ed Inquiry) 

Team Lead

  • 30 years in industry 
  • Social Entrepreneur
  • 12 years in public education with proven results in school turnaround
  • Former Chair: Gifted/Talented Advisory Education Council, Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education
  • Believes the time is now! We MUST find and nurture our future leaders in every community across the country

Ruth Fuentes

Project Coordinator

  • Teaching, training and designing new systems, processes and techniques for outreach
  • Creatively applying the new tools of outreach to create collaborative communities of educators
  • Pioneering the world of virtual work
  • Believes that students must have alternative pathways to reach their potential whether in business, education, music or art

Amy Schneider

Data Analyst

  • Loves math in all its aspects
  • Studies the abstract, theoretical and applied areas of math
  • Recently graduated from studies in math
  • Believes students must have an appreciation of the pervasiveness of math in their lives, in the world and in the universe. 

Christopher Smith 

Math Cluster  Leader 

  • 7 years in education
  • Reaching students no matter their economic situation
  • Actively exploring new methods and tools to engage students
  • Biggest Winner Massachusetts Founding Member
  • Believes that students learn best when they are engaged, trust the adults around and operate within a supportive class community

Khaia Smith 

Math Cluster  Leader 

  • Teaching is what I do and what I love to do
  • Experience in elementary and middle schools
  • Experience inspiring the gifted and advanced to accelerated learning
  • Believes that our job as teachers is to engage, inspire, enthrall and leave every student with a lasting favorable memory of their education

Instructors and Teen Leaders getting ready for The Biggest Winner Math Challenge for 2023.