Team 2023

Join The 2023 Design Team For The Biggest Winner Math Challenge

As Ed Inquiry designs  the Massachusetts 2023 Summer Biggest Winner Math Challenge  we are assembling a very talented team of educators, instructional designers, graphic artists, programmers, and experienced project leaders.

All coming together with their broad range of cultural perspectives, expertise and lived experiences to ensure that a transformative summer session is created for advanced and motivated math students across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and beyond.

All participants (students, teen interns, national cohort of instructors) of the 2023 Biggest Winner Match Challenge will be working, learning and collaborating in a virtual environment as a part of an innovative new pilot program to inspire middle school students that love math while exposing high school students to the world of work and teaching.  

The Biggest Winner Math Challenge and The Ed Inquiry Teen Leader Program are growing and making an impact on the lives of advanced public school students and teens across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and beyond.

The 2023 Biggest Winner Math Challenge Design Team is forming. If you want to be a contributor to this great project check out our careers page for open jobs descriptions as they go live.  

The Team

Tyrone Mowat, MBA (Ed Inquiry) 

Principal Investigator

  • 30 years in industry as an innovator in various markets
  • Social Entrepreneur (training and employing community college students)
  • 15 years in public education with proven results in school turnaround
  • Former Chair:
    • Gifted/Talented Advisory Education Council, Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education
  • Native New York City – Massachusetts Transplant
  • Believes the time is now! We MUST find and nurture our future leaders in every community across the country

Micah Donahue (Carbon)

2023 Marketing and Communications Expert in Residence

  • Marketing and branding guru
  • Master of the media mix
  • Creator of favorable experiences
  • 25 years building customer experiences 
  • Believes a favorable customer experience requires great creative design and targeted communications.

Ruth Fuentes

EDI Project Manager

  • Teaching, training and designing new systems, processes and techniques for outreach
  • Creatively applying the new tools of outreach to create collaborative communities of educators
  • Pioneering the world of virtual work
  • Believes that students must have alternative pathways to reach their potential whether in business, education, music or art

Jim Faris

2023 Graphic Artist in Residence

  • Web guru – Designer, Creator, Visionary
  • Visual spaces artist
  • 20 plus years of experience in art expression – for business and pleasure
  • Believes it’s all about unleashing creativity – in music, visual arts and story-telling.

Amy Schneider

Instructional Data Analyst

  • Loves math in all its aspects
  • Studies the abstract, theoretical and applied areas of math
  • Recently graduated from studies in math
  • Believes students must have an appreciation of the pervasiveness of math in their lives, in the world and in the universe. 

Kris Burrell

Teen Program Manager

  • Born and Raised in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 15 Years in Education, Enrichment and Teenage Behavioral Health
  • Currently writing at Youth Adult book series
    20 Years in the Performing and Fine Arts
  • Performs on The Disney Cruise Line.
    “Every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact.” – Les Brown

Sashoy Bailey

Curriculum Advisor/Summer Instructor

  • Life-long interest in STEM
  • High School Science Teacher
  • Instructional Coach
  • One of the few engineering majors of color in her college
  • Believes that advanced students deserve a place where they can get the challenges they need to succeed

Jacqui Vincent

Curriculum Advisor/Summer Instructor

  • 10 years in education
  • Focused on STEM subjects
  • Enjoy sharing my passion for math with students
  • 2 Masters degrees later and I am learning so much more everyday from the students I teach
  • Believes we have to make STEM engaging and accessible, especially for aspiring young girls.

Bria Monét DuBose

2022-23 Artist in Residence

  • Illustrator / Artist / Creative
  • Draw and create daily
  • Believes that art inspires and can convey written chapters in one glance.

Katie Perkins (HR Knowledge)

2022-23 Recruitment Partner  in Residence

  • Learned importance of balance early
  • Learned discipline and work ethic as an athlete (Life Guard)
  • Exploring the application of new tools and methods to the process of recruiting
  • Believes: That matching the right candidates to great opportunities creates fulfilling career choices .

Deanna Rogers 

Project Advisor

  • 40 years leading schools throughout the country
  • Experience with school logistics, planning and programming
  • Biggest Winner Math Challenge New Orleans Founding Member
  • Believes we should meet children where they are and help them to  grow to what they can be

Heather Martin

Program Advisor
  • 20 plus years of experience serving schools and students
  • Focused on providing students with the supports needed for  early literacy
  • Understands that students need to be engaged and inspired to learn
  • Deep experience in school leadership and enrichment programs within a high performance school
  • Believes that a good team get things done  when they are  passionate and collaborate with like minded others to achieve their mission to serve children.

Molander Etienne

 Curriculum Advisor / Designer

  • 25 plus years in education
  • proven results closing the achievement gap
  • Consistently delivers extraordinary student outcomes as a Massachusetts instructional leader
  • Deep experience in the design of culturally affirming literacy curricula
  • Deep experience successfully inspiring and leading teachers of children of color
  • Believes that ALL children  MUST be globally competitive readers and writers no matter what neighborhood they come from

Khaia Smith 

Math Cluster  Leader 

  • Teaching is what I do and what I love to do
  • Experience in elementary and middle schools
  • Experience inspiring the gifted and advanced to accelerated learning
  • Believes that our job as teachers is to engage, inspire, enthrall and leave every student with a lasting favorable memory of their education

Christopher Smith 

Math Cluster  Leader 

  • 7 years in education
  • Reaching students no matter their economic situation
  • Actively exploring new methods and tools to engage students
  • Biggest Winner Massachusetts Founding Member
  • Believes that students learn best when they are engaged, trust the adults around and operate within a supportive class community

Instructors and Teen Leaders getting ready for The Biggest Winner Math Challenge for 2023.

Teen Leaders (grades 10 -12) interested in a career in teaching