We offer school leaders, CMOs and Charter Boards a unique service that combines understanding of the various metrics used to guide instruction, learning and educator evaluation with skills in program development and school improvement. Our strategies are unique to each school environment and culturally attuned to our clients schools.

Business finance and accounting concept

Learning Analytics

  • Analysis of state assessments
  • Comprehensive student profiles
  • Student cohort growth analysis
  • Board academic oversight reports
Elementary School

Stakeholder Research

  • Student, faculty, staff & parent surveys
  • Stakeholder focus groups
  • Growth opportunities and challenges
  • 360 degree school analysis

Engagement Programs

  • The Biggest Winner Challenge
  • Tutors for Tomorrow
  • Blended & personalized learning
  • Ed tech review and implementation

Charter Board Advisory

  • Charter application support service
  • School design & start-up
  • Charter board training
  • Charter probation/revocation service
  • Charter board advisory

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