Algiers Charter School Association Announces Biggest Winner Program Expansion

As the New Orleans school year begins, Algiers Charter School Association CEO, Adrian Morgan, announces in front of an audience of hundreds of employees, the expansion of the Ed Inquiry Biggest Winner Challenge program. Launched in November of 2013 at the Eisenhower Academy of Global Studies, The Biggest Winner engages students, parents and teachers in a community wide challenge focused on closing gaps in math literacy, propelling students to new levels of achievement. Mr. Morgan, skeptical at first, now believes the pilot program will have “national impact” within 3 years as he forecast its adoption by other schools and charter networks.

ACSA is the largest charter management organization in Louisiana, serving 4,190 children from Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade across six schools. ACSA schools serve a high-risk population with over 90% of families qualifying for free or reduced price lunch, 16% of the students are special needs learners, 7% are dual language learners, and one in five of ACSA’s 9th grade students are overage.

ACSA has been a client of Ed Inquiry since May 2013, gaining instructional insight from stakeholder surveys, Learning Analytics and school leader coaching.