New Job Description for Next Gen School Leaders?

New School Leaders Must Emerge

A new paradigm is needed for real, rapid and lasting change in educational outcomes for Black and Brown students . And it seems that school leaders are likely the answer. Not just any school leader though.  And that is the problem.  We need school leaders that are:

  • goal focused
  • multi-culturally aware
  • academically aggressive
  • innovative risk takers
  • technologically & data savvy
  • school community oriented
  • student centric
  • marketing and branding aware
  • financially capable
  • publicly presentable
  • experienced in public K – 12 education
  • and ready to transform schools from failing to succeeding.

Consider: A new job description for an effective school leader.

Finding Diamonds

Finding a new group of talented school leaders, especially leaders of color, should be a priority.

Too many school leaders are satisfied with the incremental inching up of proficiency scores.  But that is not enough anymore.  Great school leaders of color will innovate; take well researched risks on new methods; not be fooled by the snake oil of education technology salespeople; find models of great schools and partner with them rather being satisfied with a superficial day long site visit.

School leaders of color should be held responsible for creating the next generation of teachers and leaders for their communities.

My hope is that school leaders will step up to bring about rapid and lasting change and that they will find support and a way to leap frog forward using the successes of others. No more incremental approach to school turn-around.

School leaders of skill, conscious and color you are the hope for the future.